My father's dear friend... you were my first phone call.  

All my life I remember you a part.  A surrogate son.  

I remember clearly the day Dad answered the phone to hear you were in the hospital. You recked your car at the top of Lawson Blvd.  He was frantic!  (You recked him as well...) I can still see him racing around the house... looking for his things so he could get out of the house to be with you at the hospital.  My Mom trailed behind him, helping with whatever she could.  Thankfully you survived!

It is a blessing that you - and Dad - had so many moments together.  He was overjoyed to have you at the shop.  Then, when you started your own, the friendship continued. He visited every chance he could.  

I know you feel his loss just as I do.  When he died... he left an un-fillable void. 

Thank You for all the joy, friendship and love you so freely gave to my father.   Words fall short.................... XO

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