This story is a bit scary. Thankfully all turned out well! ~

Otto was at the shop working on a customers car.

Putting a jack in place, he lifted the side of the car. With a kick of his foot he positioned the dolly. Once on his back, he rolled himself underneath.

Working away... he began feeling the pressure of the job...

Hmmmm??! Maybe a bit too much pressure!

You see in his haste, Otto neglected to put in place a horse, as well as the jack.

Well, the jack started to let go and ease the car down on Otto’s chest!

Thankfully - or so one would think!? - Charlie was passing by. Otto called out ‘Charlie... help me...’ He said nothing else, for mustering those words was hard enough. He was having a hard time breathing due to his predicament.

Charlie had no idea anything was wrong. ‘Just a minute. I have to take a leak.’ And continued on his mission. Poor Otto couldn’t even communicate the direness of the situation with a well deserved scream. When Charlie came back, Otto tried again ‘HELP ME the jack slipped...’

‘Oh my God!’ Charlie jumped into action. ‘Why didn’t you say that!! You bleeeepp, bleep, bleep!’ (You can fill in the bleeps yourselves...)

Thank goodness all turned out well!  Thank goodness Charlie only had to pee!!  Thank goodness these friends were okay and found laughter from this scary moment... lots, and lots, of laughter!

~ Nancy