Click - Check out the street name!!
Click - Check out the street name!!

The morning of the Henderson show was interesting! 

I always wonder if Dad is still 'with' us.  So many 'odd coincidences' happen. 

As we were setting up the tables and tent, car after rumbling car passed.  Each was headed for their showcase/resting spot for the day.  The noise was impressive and gave a clear indication of what was under each hood.  It was still dark out, so you couldn't really see the cars until they were directly in front of you... and we had a front row seat!

Oddly, a car that looked just like the 40 Ford my Dad first started racing with, stalled right in front of our table!  A thought came to mind... Hmmmm... "Dad?  Is that you?  Are you trying to let me know your here?"  I dismissed my crazy thinking, and went back to setting up. 

All morning this thought kept passing through my mind.  I am sure, since I so much wished Dad was here....  This 40 Ford incident was making me nuts. 

Finally, everything was set.  Tables, tent, scrapbooks.... Now all we had to do was wait for the show to open.  As we mulled about, a huge flock of geese flew over head.   (Click to see why this is a big deal)  When I looked up, this is what I saw.

Okay!  That's three!!  

Hi Dad! 

This is where we were stationed all day. 
What are the chances?!!