Have you ever experienced the joy of real laughter?  

Laughter that pains your sides, your belly, your chest?  Laughter that impairs your breathing, leaving you gasping for air? Laughter that weakens your knees, vibrates you to your core and renders you a temporarily dysfunctional human being?

As you read these stories, you should be aware of a key personality trait... or should I say malfunction?  

My father had - let's say - an odd sense of humor. And when the ‘humor’ struck there was no turning back.

His face would squint and flush with red.  His eyes - those windows to the soul - would smile as well... and if you looked into them, it was as if you could see what he saw.

His laugher was unhindered.  He bellowed, and giggled and hawked and gasped... he held his sides, his belly, his chest... he shook and vibrated... he Laughed!

I for one, loved being in the room when he was overjoyed.  Even if whatever was overjoying him was bizarre... and for Dad the screwier the better.   He was infectious.

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