CARS Magazine Editor's corner.  1966 Issue.  More info. coming.....


EARLIER this year we had decided to sponsor a Super/Stock machine for testing, evaluation and to pick up a few pieces of gold. The machine we wanted was a hemi Plymouth set up for S/SA racing. After being voted in by the Chrysler Corporation and by the New York-New Jersey Plymouth Dealers’ Association, we suddenly found ourselves out in the cold without a set of wheels. It seems the ARCHAIC group of dealers felt that someone else might benefit from this project, even though their name would be all over the car. Why? Because one of our driver’s name just happens to be Charlie Dodge. The other’s name - George Snizek. They would have reconsidered if Charlie felt like changing his name, but it was no go with Dodge in small letters on the driver’s door. Judging by the way some of the top dogs are playing musical chairs with Plymouth, it’s our guess that there won’t be a single loyal Plymouth chauffeur on the strip next year. Our hats are off to the forward thinking dealers and the progressive Corporation people for the A-1 job they’re doing!


RATHER THAN completely drop the racing idea, we hashed a few ideas with the National record holders, Charlie and George. The outcome being that CARS Magazine will sponsor a car this season, only it won’t be a stocker. We have decided to slightly redo the Pacers Auto record holder, Tasmanian Devil, and go all out with it this season. With the CARS Magazine banner on the cowl and a pair of hot hemis, on for gas, one for fuel, the Tasmanian Devil will be ready to defend its National record or take any corners on fuel. New goodies include Goodyear slicks, Hilborn trick injection and a host of small improvements. Our maiden run, right off the trailer on 45 percent nitro, netted us with an 8.81 second time slip. Not exactly bad considering George shut down 200 feet before the clocks!