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Charlie and George forged the race track path together... hence, George is included in this Time Line/Biography. 

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1931 Charlie ‘Dodge’ a.k.a. Charles Fred Hagenmayer, Born February 7, 1931.   Raised in Richmond Hill, NY.

1938 George Edward Snizek, Born January 3rd in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY.  Raised in Valley Stream, NY.

1951 Charlie leaves home early and began driving beer truck for Schaefer (20).

1951 Charlie enters Army-Private First Class, Stationed in Germany (20).

1951 Charlie promoted to Presidential Honor Guard /Truman.

1953 Charlie leaves Army (22).

1954 Charlie worked in Parts Department for Steven’s Dodge Auto (23).

1954 Charlie took trip to Daytona with Mike Sforza in Mike’s ’32 Ford-"The Pride of the East".

1954 Charlie raced a 1940 Ford 4 door powered by a $50 1953 Dodge Red Ram Hemi (i.e. Charlie’s "Dodge") hence the "Charlie Dodge" nickname given to him by Mike Sforza.   Charlie later purchased and raced a 39 Ford Coupe-with a Chrysler Hemi which he installed.

1954 Charlie joins Long Island Hot Rod Association.

1954 George (16) starts Valley Stream Pacers Hot Rod Club in the basement of parent’s house in Valley Stream with Bruce Keller, Tony Marchasi, Ritchie Allen, Edwin "Eddie" Overholt, Eddie Johnsmeyer, Artie Hendrickson, Don Clemens, and George Weick.

1955 George (17) works as mechanic’s helper at Wahoo’s AA Auto Repairs & Service Station on Rockaway Ave. in Valley Stream.

1955 George purchases a 1955 Ford Victoria with Continental Kit and installs 312 cubic inch Mercury Turnpike Cruiser engine & races GD class on weekends at Westhampton, NY.

1955 George graduates Valley Stream Central High School (17).

1956 Valley Stream Pacers Hot Rod Club purchases Johnny Clegg’s channeled ’32 Ford 5 window coupe and installed a 354 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi with dual carbs and custom headers.

1956 Valley Stream Pacers raced every weekend at Westhampton Raceway, NY.

1956 George (18) meets Charlie "Dodge" Hagenmayer (25) at Westhampton Raceway.

1956 Charlie installs his hotter camshaft into the V.S. Pacers’ ’32 Ford 5 window coupe at Henny’s Welding in Jamaica (where well known drag racers Mike Sforza & Dick Yarkin had worked.)

1956 Valley Stream Pacers increase Top speed Top Eliminator Gas Altered Class 98.59 MPH.

1956 George builds a’30 Ford Roadster Rod (which was later sold to fund purchase of Pacers first roadster).

1956 Charlie performed Speed Shop work out of Henny’s Welding (after Mike Sforza had left to form "S"forza & "P"ellerito - S&P Automotive).

1956 Charlie (25) worked at Momo Jaguar in Long Island City shop of Alfred Momo who was Briggs Cunningham Racing’s ace tuner/engineering director & developer of Cunningham E2A’s 3.8-litre 249 hp XK 6-cyl. SCCA racing engine.

1957 Charlie worked as a mechanic at Lester’s Auto on Merrick Road in Jamaica for short time. (Lester’s son-in-law purchased Pacers 1st roadster in 1960 & painted it gold.)

1957 Snizek (19) & "Dodge" Hagenmayer (26) become partners.  Snizek & Dodge Racing.
1957 Rod Snapper's Car Show - Freeport, NY 

1957 Snizek (20) & Dodge (26) open Pacers Automotive shop opened in Hewlett, NY.

1957 Snizek & Dodge build Pacers’ first ’30 Ford Roadster powered by a ‘53 354 cubic inch Chrysler with 6 Stromberg Carbs on a manifold crafted by Charlie Dodge.

1957 Snizek & Dodge Roadster Top speeds 132.70 MPH-11.6 ET; 129.7 MPH-12.0 ET in Montgomery, NY; and 104.7 MPH-7.4 ET in Langhorn, PA.

1957 Snizek & Dodge make guest appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand with Pacers’ roadster.

1958 Charlie works as Master mechanic at George Haug Company, Inc. in NYC.

1958 Charlie (27) marries first wife Sissy.

1958 Charlie raced The ‘Chrybaker’- a 1953 Chrysler powered Studebaker sport coupe (years later purchased a Bill Frick ‘Studellac’ -a Studebaker sport coupe powered by Cadillac.)

1958 Snizek & Dodge Racing build Pacers’ 1st B/D dragster from a Scotty Fenn Chassis kit powered by a 454 cubic inch Chrysler with 6 Stromberg carbs.

1959 George (21) joins Charlie (28) and Kenny Braun (25) as a Master mechanics at George Haug Company, Inc. in NYC.

1959 George crashes in Pacers’ dragster at NASCAR sanctioned track in Montgomery, NY June 15th. Broke back, fractured skull, lacerated facial injuries.

1960 Charlie (29) marries wife, Janice - October 7th

1960 George (22) becomes Asst. Parts Manager at George Haug Company, Inc. in NYC.

1960 Snizek & Dodge complete Pacers’ 2nd B/D dragster from Chassis Research chassis powered by a stroked injected 454 cubic inch Chrysler.

1960 Snizek & Dodge complete Pacers’ AA/A Bantam steel bodied roadster on R-88 chassis from Chassis Research and powered by blown 392 cubic inch hemi w/Hilborn Injection.

1960 Charlie nicknames Pacers’ roadster "The Tasmanian Devil" for its mechanical resemblance to the Bugs Bunny character.

1960 Pacers introduce use of parachutes on an AA/altered.

1960 Snizek & Dodge modify Pacers’ B/D dragster with SIMCA body to run Competition Eliminator class.

1961 George (23) hired as head mechanic at Bob Ackley’s Gas Station in Valley Stream, home of legendary Stockcar driver Al D’Angelo’s "Ace of Spades" Ford Coupe.

1962 George & Charlie have 10 car shop built at 3391 Lawson Blvd. in Oceanside, NY.

1962 Pacers beat Giannini Bros. with 112MPH run in 1/8th mile Class A match race September 23rd at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury, NY (Giannini’s 1st setback of 1962).

1962 Pacers AA/A Bantam Roadster Top MPH 148.354 at Dover Dragstrip, Wingdale, NY.

1962 Charlie buys 1962 Vette.

1962 George buys a 1961 Vette.

1963 Charlie designed/built the engine for record setting Hemi-powered SK Ski Racing Runabout for American Powerboat Association racer - Sandy "Lil Reb" MacNicol.

1963 George (25) & Charlie (32) incorporate Pacers Auto on February 21st.   Charlie, President – George, Secretary & Treasurer.

1963 Snizek & Dodge switch to T-bodied fiberglass body on Pacers AA/A roadster.

1963 Snizek & Dodge AA/A Takes All in its ‘23T debut at Island Dragway, NJ May 19th with a new strip class record 9.63et @ 159.86 (NHRA record was 9.79et).

1963 Snizek set low ET of 9.12 & high MPH of 173.07 at Island Dragway, NJ driving Pete Pellerito's "Bella Rita" A/F dragster.

1963 Snizek drove Mike Sforza’s "The Patrician" AA/F dragster.

1963 Pacers built B-Rig & C-Rig Chrysler Hemi-powered Firetrucks for Woodmere, Lakeville/Manhasset and South Hempstead fire departments to compete in New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Drill Team Captains Association Drills & Tournaments.

1963 Pacers set NHRA Record AA/Altered 154.90MPH. Atco, NJ June 16th.

1963 NHRA 1963 Nationals Championship Drag Races in Indianapolis IN 10.00ET-154.63MPH #354 AA/A win & later lose.

1963 Autolite's Art Chrisman presents Pacers the Popular Hot Rodding’s "Best Appearing Car & Crew Award" at NHRA 1963 Nationals Championship Drag Races in Indianapolis, IN

1963 Pacers Auto-Snizek & Dodge Racing Crew were subjects of Walter Ungerer’s 16 mm drag racing documentary, "The Tasmanian Devil."

1963 Charlie’s 1st daughter Nancy was born November 23rd (32).

1964 Maple Grove Park Drag-O-Way No. 354 Class AA/A ET 9.71 MPH 160.42 & ET 9.92 MPH 153.06 Feb 19-24th

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - ET 9.427 MPH 163.74 Fuel Record - Win & Trophy

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - AA/A ET 9.694 MPH 159.29

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - AA/FA 352 ET 9.325 MPH 163.64 Fuel Record - Win & Trophy

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - ET 9.810 MPH 161.29.

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - ET 10.73 MPH 151.00 August 7th - 'missing time due to small crack in manifold'

1964 Joe Kizis 14th Annual National Autorama  

1964 George (26) receives UNLIMITED Competition Driver’s License No. 1D-022 issued August 13th by Buster Couch, Southeast Division Director.

1964 Island Dragway, NJ - 9.496 ET 162.45 MPH ('GAS'Record Unofficial') August 18th.

1964 NHRA Nationals Championship Drag Races in Indianapolis, IN September 3rd -7th

AA/A 554 ET 9.51 (R) mph 162.45 (R)

AA/A 554 ET 9.56 (R) mph 161.87 (R)

AA/A 554 ET 9.54 (R) mph 160.71 (R)

AA/A 554 ET 9.73 mph 161.87 win (beat Eugene Gaham)

AA/A 554 ET 9.40 mph 163.04

1964 NHRA Official ET & MPH Records AA/Altered 161.87 MPH @ 9.56 SEC.   NHRA 1964 Nationals Championship Drag Races in Indianapolis, IN   (Pacers held AA/A record for 3 years).

1964 Pacers become East Coast Distributors of Nitro-Alky Racing Fuel.

1965 Pacers lease newly built AMERICAN gas station on corner of Lawson Blvd & West Waukena in Oceanside, NY dba Lawson Service Station, LTD. January Charlie & George sole stockholders.

1962 Kenny Braun leaves Renault Southwest in CA to work at Pacers.

1965 CARS Magazine sponsors Racing Team (CMRT) headed by Charlie & George featuring racecars: Pacers’ Tasmanian Devil AA/A & AA/FA, Pacers "Beast From The East" AA/FD* and Eddie Sanzo’s ‘41 Willy’s Pickup.

1965 George (27) marries wife Barbara, an Eastern Airlines Flight Attendant, on April 16th.

1965 Pacers Tasmanian Devil Altered running Fuel wins "Best Appearing Car of Meet" NHRA 1st Regional Meet at Cecil County, MD. 8.81SEC @ 166.35 MPH ¾ run.

1965 Pacers race opening day of Madison Township Raceway Park at Englishtown, NJ & won Super Eliminator.

1965 Pacers complete 3rd dragster Pacers-CARS Magazine Sponsored "Beast From The East" Blown Injected 392 Hemi Powered AA Fuel Dragster* on a R.C.S. chassis.

1965 Pacers build Fully Enclosed Show Trailer for Pacers Top Fuel Dragster.

1965 Pacers build 1965 B/Stock "Here's That Tiger" GTO for George Wunch which ran 12.50ET-112.03MPH (besting the National Record ET of 12.8SEC).

1965 Pacer's become CARS Magazine Road Test Consultants.

1965 Pacer's become Speed and Custom Magazine Road Test Consultants.

1965 Charlie’s daughter Barbara was born August 31st (34).

1966 Pacers sets low et of the day (7.93ET-199 MPH) March 20th with new CARS Magazine Racing Team sponsored AA/FD debut at opening of Gil Kohn's NY National Speedway.

1966 Snizek (28) & Dodge (35) make guest appearance at Playboy Club with Pacers AA/FA roadster in NYC.

1966 NHRA Record CC/FD 165.13 MPH @ 9.34SEC. Island Dragway, NJ. May 22nd

1966 NHRA Record CC/FD 167.59 MPH Sanford Dragway, ME. June 19th

1966 "Double-Up Title" Won Top Fuel Dragster (8.14-166.33) MPH & Super Eliminator Altered (9.67-137.61) Titles, York US-30, PA. July 17th

1966 Div.1 World Championship Series Super Eliminator Points Champion CC/FD.

1966 NHRA Div.1 World Championship Series Top Fuel Eliminator Points 2nd place 400 pts Pacers CARS Magazine Racing Team AA/FD 8-21-66.

1967 George & Charlie receive "NHRA Gold Card Award 1967" from Wally Parks-in recognition of outstanding high points accomplishment during the 1966 season.

1967 Pacers paint back half of dragster; white and kept open-rail look (Lion on Cowl).

1967 Pacers later change paint scheme of dragster to black & white psychedelic stripes.

1967 Pacers sell "Tasmanian Devil" AA/FA. ***Retired car with Over 150 Wins!!!***

1967 George represents Caguas, Puerto Rico International Raceway’s Track at US Winter Nationals.

1967 Charlie’s daughter Lisa was born March 9th (36).

1968 George issued License No. E 7637-H at SNATS by Automobile Competition Committee for the US, (ACCUS) Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), Inc. by Jack Hart

1968 George crashes in Pacers AA/F Dragster at NY National Dragway, LI -but Pacers Auto still Qualifies for NHRA Spring Nationals. (chutes didn’t fully open-uninjured)

1968 Pacers compete in NHRA Spring Nationals at Raceway Park Englishtown in borrowed AA/F dragster Car No.67 and ran 7.54ET-206.88MPH & 7.64ET-207.84MPH.

1968 NHRA Div.1 World Championship Series Top Fuel Eliminator Points Race 10th place -50 pts October 6th 1968.

1968 Lawson Service Station, LTD is changed to PACECO Distributors, Ltd. October 16th - Otto Qualliotine joins Charlie & George.

1969 George hired as driver for Tony Pasalacqua’s "Purple Gang" AA/FD Qualifies #2 (7.00ET-229.34MPH) NY National Speedway.

1969 Snizek, Dodge & Qualliotine create Sand Cat "The Cat with Scat" Custom Dune Buggy designs.

1969 Pacers build "Tasmanian Devil Again" VW Bug to promote Pacers’ Sandcat Dune Buggies.

1969 Expand Pacers Sandcat Dune Buggy business-manufacturing, assembly, kits, aftermarket parts and accessories.

1969 George leaves dragracing (31).

1970 Paceco‘s assets are transferred to Pacers and continued as a shell corporation.  Charlie - President, George - Secretary, Otto - Treasurer.

1970 George’s Son Scott born September 19th (32).

1971 Charlie purchased 45 acres in PA with Willy Satnick, to Hunt and Vacation – (Charlie and George were avid hunters and Charlie was skilled as a gunsmith. Many family outings happened at the ‘old place’ over many years).

1972 George’s Daughter Tracey born August 30th (34).

1973 George (35), Charlie (42) & Otto expand PACECO Distributors, Ltd. to import & export BERAL Brake Disc Pads from West Germany.

1977 Otto resigns as Treasurer of PACECO Distributors, Ltd., March 6th   Charlie - President, George - Secretary & Treasurer.

1980 George (42) Co-founded West Hempstead Chiefs' travel team soccer program of the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LISL).

1980 Charlie dissolved previous property venture with Willy Satnick and purchased second property in Pennsylvania - 25 acres, complete with nostalgic barn. Transformed barn into a unique 'home" which became the weekend getaway place.

1983 George (45) becomes Long Island Junior Soccer League Official.

1985 Charlie (56) moves to Romulus, Michigan to work at Batten Engineering where he worked on large number of research & development programs for auto companies with projects that involved paid to break engines on purpose to find weak areas and remedy... met a lot of Indy guys due to the projects.

1985 Charlie builds Emeraude airplane (A low-wing monoplane with two person side-by-side seating designed in France in the mid-‘50's)

1985 Charlie assists Howard Cully build 2/3 scale P-38 airplane (A World War II American fighter aircraft).

1986 Charlie (55) separates from Janice.

1987 Charlie (56) helps complete the Oldsmobile Aerotech record setting car. (4 cylinder engine, 1000 hp ‘Powered by a highly turbo-charged version of the 2 liter Oldsmobile Quad 4 engine’) A.J. Foyt drove it to a closed course speed record (257.123 mph) setting two records - unlimited engine and under 2 liters (1998 cc).

1989 Charlie (58) & George (51) resign from Pacers Auto, Inc., November 15th

1988 Charlie underwent Open Heart Surgery/ Bi-pass (58).

1989 George starts with West Hempstead School District as Maintenance staff (58).

1991 Charlie moves back to NY semi-retired. Health issues begin. Trauma of heart surgery causes MS, which was unknown and dormant, to come out of remission.

1991 Charlie worked at Sims Steel, in Lindenhurst, NY - supervising projects, steel layout, fabrication, etc.

1991 Charlie consulted on various ‘odd jobs’. As a master craftsman and innovative thinker, he was contacted to invent, fabricate and advise on numerous projects... engines, guns, welding, fiberglass work, etc.

1991 Charlie equipped a Honda motorcycle with a side car, enabling him to fabricate handicapped controls (issued handicapped plates for motorcycle).

1991 Charlie built a custom 1969 mustang.

1992 Charlie (60) marries wife, Dotti.

1999 George has heart attack on Mother’s Day - pacemaker installed (61).

2000 George Inducted into Long Island Ladies Soccer Hall of Fame (62)

2001 Charlie - Died November 8th - 71 years of age. Kidneys failed due to complications of Congestive Heart Failure.

2005 George Inducted into Eastern New York Soccer Hall of Fame (67).

2006 George Supervises Recreation of Tasmanian Devil II AA/FA (68).

2007 George Supervises Recreation of Tasmanian Devil II AA/FA (69).

2008 George attends 6th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, KY as crew for Taz II’s Inaugural & 2nd Runs June 14th & 15th.

2008 George attends Super Nationals Nostalgia Display for Funny Car & Altereds with Taz II as featured car at Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ, June 19th - 22nd (70).

2008 George & son Scott co-found East Neck Auto's 1st Annual Hot Rods & Racecars Show with founders’ John Careccia (former Pacers employee), and drag racers Billy Lynch & Dennis Quitoni. 89 Rte. 109 - West Babylon, NY June 29th.

2008 George attends 7th Annual Musclecar Madness with Taz II crew at the York Reunion at the York Expo Center, York, PA July 11-12th

2008 George attends 5th Annual York US 30 Nostalgia Nationals with Taz II crew at Beaver Springs Dragway, (solo cackle-during rain delay) Beaver Springs, PA, July 13th.

2008 Pacers East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame Induction, Henderson, NC, October 17-19th.

2009 George retirement planned at 71 after 20 years with West Hempstead School District.

-----George’s Current Activities-----

Senior Maintenance Staff, West Hempstead School District.

Coach RVC Flames Womens’ Soccer Team, Long Island Ladies Soccer League

Secretary & Treasurer (Past-President), Nassau County Soccer Officials Association

Referee, Nassau County Soccer Officials Association

College Soccer Referee & Assessor

Official, Long Island Soccer Referees Association

-----Current Activities Racing Related-----

Tasmanian Devil II Racing Team Crew.