Cars & Us ~ Dennis Tate Interviews my Mom (Janice Bowers) and Mike Sforza at the

5th Annual Pacers East Neck Auto Show!  (August 26, 2012 - Hosted by John Careccia,  W. Babylon, Long Island, NY)


I must say, for all the resistance I gave Dennis about being interviewed, I am glad to have this video!  (for the record... Dennis was not about to take ‘No’ for an answer... talk about relentless... gotta love that man! ;)

I have always said my knowledge of Pacers, and that era, are limited.  My Dad was just Dad to me, and let’s face it, I was just a kid.  There is SO much to learn and revisit, it is daunting to even think about.  

The best part of this video has nothing to do with what I ‘brought’ to it... but the history and nostalgia that my Mom brought to it.  She was there.  

A special Thanks to her for agreeing to be interviewed.  You should all know that she was more than hesitant, as my parents divorced many years ago.  Mom did not want to disrespect anyone by speaking or participating... especially her husband, Charlie Bowers, who has been amazing and supportive every step of the way.  Pacers, the Taz, the history...  can all be overwhelming.  Mom could have easily refused to get involved, but rather she agreed and now we have this awesome video.  

Along with her interview, Dennis included interview time with Mike Sforza (which begins at 20:28 on the time line.)  Listening to Mike talk about The Pride of the East always brings a smile, as it is a reminder of that infamous trip to Daytona.  Mike truly is one of a kind, an amazing craftsman so ahead of his time.  How appropriate that Mike’s Patrician is being exhibited at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing.  


Thank You Dennis Tate, for your fortitude, determination, grace and amazing gift of gab!

The Patrician
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The Pride of the East
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