My first real interaction with Al D’Agostino was at the reading of my father’s will.  Yes, Al was my fathers lawyer... but he was more than that.  Leaning back in his chair, he took a moment  - a personal moment - to express, to my sisters and I, his feelings for our father.

As it is for all of us, there is no way to be aware of the depth of shared history.  Only after our loved ones are gone do we learn of the memories shared, the stories, and the impact they may have had. 

I am delighted to share his reminiscences to this tribute site.

“Charlie was this big strong strapping guy.  And his personality... He was like a rock.  He saw things black, white.  Right, wrong.  There was NO grey, thats just the way he was.  This is not a criticism... He was like John Wayne, you had the ‘Black Hats’ and the ‘White Hats.’  When he passed, I felt terrible.  Here was this man from my youth, and he was gone.”

{These are the reflections that really get to me.  My father really touched people to their core.   What a testament to anyone...}  

Al’s words kept coming, “I gotta tell you, you learn things from people you deal with over the years.  Sometimes you don’t realize what you learn, until your old enough to look back and see.  Charlie didn’t say a lot, but what he said there was a lot of meaning to.  He was very honest.  He was very straight.  You could take to the bank whatever he said - that was it.”

He thought for another moment, “The last time I saw him, it was like looking at the Rock of Gibraltar aged.”  {Sadly true.  Dad was thinner and, unfortunately, dealing with issues of MS.}  Though, as Al made sure to point out, “He was accepting of it.  He never said, ‘Oh, why me?” 

“When you’re young, your immortal... until you see somebody with Charlie’s characteristics age.  It’s a reality check that we are mortal.”  Another daunting truth...  

My father had his fair share of health issues toward the end of his years.  Though his physical shell was betraying him, his inner Self did not.  He was clear and strong to the very end... including his last ultimate and final decision. 


{MS and CHF joined their evil forces, and on November 8, 2002, they wreaked their final blow.  Dad always said he would never live hooked up to a machine... True to his words, and to himself, he gave the doctors his final order.}