Why Snizek and Dodge?  


Hagenmayer and Snizek or Snizek and Hagenmayer didn’t sound right.  My father felt it sounded more like a Jewish Delicatessen.  Not going to work.  Then there was Dodge and Snizek... still didn’t ring well.  Snizek and Dodge... that sounded alright.... Snizek and Dodge it was.


Why 'Dodge?'  It had to do with the engines he ran.  

(Curious about how the 'Dodge' nickname came to be... click here.)


The Tasmanian Devil was one of Dad's favorite cartoon character's.  He would laugh and joke about how he would appear and tear the road up.  When the dust settled, there the Taz would be.  With his hand over his mouth, a little burp would escape.  "Opp's.  Excuse me."  Followed by a cute sideways grin...  "How could you not love him?!"

I remember him telling this story.... Naming the car The Tasmanian Devil was perfect!  It sure gave an interesting twist to watching cartoons with Dad... :)