“Boy, your father did some job on this car!  Really something...”  

~ Bernie Shacker


Another 'really something'.... to hear one of 'The Greats' speak so highly of my father.

Who knew... to me he was just Dad.  Wink


Bernie Shacker, who is considered ‘The Master’ when it comes to fabricating race cars,  welded the frame for the New Taz.  


Another big Thank You Bernie!

Amazing Job!! 


It is important to me for my children to have available to them as many bits of history as possible.  As they get older they will grow to know more and more about their Pop-Pop.  

Alex remembers.  He was 6-1/2 when my father died.  Charlee was 1-1/2... and hence, she is more than bothered by what she doesn’t know... what she missed sharing. 

Aren’t we all!!  

This picture was taken about three weeks before my father died.  It was developed after his death... a beautiful captured moment.  

Charlee Anna pulled Pop-Pop off the comfortable couch to sit on the stairs.  She was 16 months old and very happy to be making a decision that someone would follow.  How thrilled she was that Pop-Pop acquiesced and joined her!  

The feeling was mutual!   ----->


Meeting Bernie Shacker and his wife Mary Ann was wonderful!  I would like to share this little moment. 

The moment Charlie Dodge’s grandchildren were introduced to long time friend Bernie Shacker.

First up, was Charlee...

“This is Charlee Anna.” 

“Well, Hello.”  Bernie bent to her level and extended his hand.  Charlee shook it then flashed her bewitching smile.  Next she shook Mary Ann’s.

“How are you?”  

She giggled her reply.  “I am good.”

Though obvious, I wanted to make sure it was noted... “Charlee was named after my father.”  

Bernie’s face lit up. “Oh.”  

“Dad was still alive, so he got to see that happen.  He was really tickled that we named our daughter after him.”

“Wow, that is just great!”  Bernie was notably pleased as was Mary Ann, who nodded and smiled in agreement.

“I was suppose to be Nancy Anna, but the nurse wrote an ‘E’ instead of an ‘A’... so I am Nancy Anne.  My Grandmother was Anna.  So her name is Charlee after my Dad, and Anna after my Grandmother.  We just call her Charlee.”

Bernie leaned to Charlee level once again.  “That’s a mighty important name!  Do you realize what your name is?!  ”  He gently shook her hand to emphasize.  “You have to live up to that name!”

Charlee giggled, knowing full well the weight of responsibility, and coyly responded. “Oh yes, I know my name.  And I already do live up to it!”  She smiled a huge self-assured, confidence smile... and we all giggled.

I confirmed her claim.  “She does.”  

Charlee, at days away from 9 years old, is a force to be reckoned with.  Her unmistakable presence is telling on its own.  Bernie smiled and gleefully acknowledged... “I see.”  



Next was Alex...

“This is Alex.”  A shake of the hands erased the missing years.  

“Alex is very much my father.  He is very creative and inventive.  Very smart.”

Bernie and Mary Ann smiled as they listened to my motherly doting...

“A few years back the school gave the students a project to complete.  Each child was given a box filled with odds and ends.  From that they were suppose to build a car... a workable car.  Alex was the only one that was able to complete the task!  I even received a call from his teacher touting how he was able to have the car drive - by itself - up an incline.  All the kids in the class wanted to work with him...”

Bernie and his wife chuckled.  “Nice job Alex, you keep that up...  That is Charlie’s grandson!”