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This story took place at the George Haug Company, Inc. in NYC. 

(Located at 517 East 73rd Street, between York and the FDR)   

Charlie worked at Haug as a Master mechanic. 

It was a serious shop... no goofing around.

It is here that addressing the Pacer’s men solely by their initials came about.  Each car's work order was assigned by the manager.  Initials were used to indicate whose job it was or who signed off on the work.  Hence CH, was Charlie Hagenmayer.  GS, George Snizek.  KB, Kenny Braun.  And lets not leave out RM... for the guy that Retaliated Magnificently!  


Kenny KB 3rd from right/back row
George GS 7th from right/back row
Charlie CH 10th from right/back row


Charlie (right)

Charlie arrived at work and would begin his day with a very important task... gathering up all the screwdrivers in RM’s toolbox.   Next... he headed over to the wooden work bench.  Grabbing a hammer... he drove those screwdrivers right into the bench!?!

RM would show up for work, and before he started his day... he would have to remove his embedded tools.

Charlie’s daily scheme played out as planned... until the day RM didn’t bother to address the tool/bench situation.  He just calmly began his work.  Hmmmm... odd?  Charlie did not get the ‘show’ he had hoped for. 

He could wait no more, time to get to work.  

However, when Charlie opened his tool box, there was a little problem... his screwdrivers were gone.

For a moment he thought that someone, most likely RM, was hiding them.  Then the realization hit... The tools Charlie had just finished embedding into the bench... were his own!  RM hid his screwdrivers from his tool box and replaced them with Charlie’s


What a clever pay back!  (Really funny to me - since - heaven forbid anyone touched Dad’s tools!!  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall...)  

Keep in mind, the men could not fully enjoy the moment.  That ‘no goofing around, we’re running a tight shop’ thing meant that the men had to contain themselves!  This behavior would not go over well with Haug.   The men had to conceal their laughter, lest the reason for such be revealed... Must have been difficult! :)